Tournament Prize

Main Event Prize

1st Place Prize:

►Alienware Desktop

►Vive VR Set

2nd Place Prize:

►Alienware Keyboard x 4

3rd Place Prize:

►Alienware Mouse x 4


Use Alienware's Latest Gaming Technology

The acitivities will be set up using the latest and most powerful gaming technology provided by Alienware. Incorporated with Vive Virtual Reality Set to experience the surreal gaming surrounding!

Come and join for the ultimate gaming satisfaction.

Play with Vive Virtual Reality

You will get a chance to use the new Vive Virtual Reality Set. Try out multiple games provided by Viveport! Also Enter yourself into time and point challenges for a chance to win more prizes!


To Register Click Register Now:

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Register Deadline for Teams:

4th December 2017 12:00 PM - 14th December 2017 12:00 PM

Training Time for Teams:

7th December 2017 12:00 PM - 29th December 2017 12:00 PM


Event Qualifiers:

4th January 2018 - 5th January 2018

7th January 2018 - 9th January 2018

Event Finals:

13th January 2018 - 14th January 2018

The Finals will be held at Pantip Plaza Pratunam.

The Image is also linked to the location. Click to view.


Match Settings

Game Rules: Teams will each have 4 players making a 4v4 match. Starting sides will be picked through a coin toss. Playing instead of other teams or players will not be allowed.

Map: Statue Square

Mode: Death Match

Time: Each round will last 5 minutes within 1 game there are 3 rounds.

How to win: Kill as many as possible within before time runs out. The team with the most kills will win the game.

Weapon bans: None

How to Play

Entering Game:

Once the sides are selected Allies (Blue) and Axis (Red) will enter the waiting room for the game to start.

Within the waiting room you will be able to select your weapons for your character.

Starting Game:

Players will click the 'Start Game' within the waiting room to enter the map.

Once all players have entered a countdown will be begin for the round to start.

Players will battle it out to determine the winner!

To contact us please give us a message on facebook
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